Advertising / Brand / Collateral / Digital Marketing / Direct Marketing / Strategy

Advertising / Brand / Collateral / Digital Marketing / Direct Marketing / Strategy

In 2005 four guys with experience in financial services decided that the residential mortgage lending business needed a breath of fresh air. The industry was filled with a lot of dubious companies, people, and practices. They founded Semper Home Loans because they wanted to do things differently, and believed the industry was ready for a change. While their decision was several years before the economy and the housing market took a turn for the worse, those problems only fueled the need for change. Semper was convinced that new thinking, new practices, and new blood would prevail.

What We Did

North Star Marketing was hired in 2010 to help Semper bring their message and story to life. We did so through a laundry list of marketing and advertising solutions. We told their story online and off, strategically and creatively, from logo to events from ads to microsites. Perhaps the most dramatic example of North Star positioning Semper as being different was the campaign we created for them soliciting branch offices throughout the country. The campaign ran in a highly targeted trade magazine and the lead ad showed a picture of brass balls with the text, “We’ve got a pair. If you do, let’s talk.” Needless to say that got people’s attention. The ads were so counter to everything else in the magazine that while the campaign was supposed to run for a year, it in fact was so successful that it ran only five months. Semper was overwhelmed by the number of inquiries from people wanting to become Semper branches.

Currently Semper Home Loans is one of the fastest growing mortgage lenders in the Northeast. They made the 2010 Inc. 5000 list, and have grown from the four founders to a staff of nearly 75 people.

Print Advertising


  • Industry notoriety and clear differentiation
  • Growth through branch acquisitions