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north star marketing lessons from a breewery

Lessons From a Brewery

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At North Star, we have one vision – to Redefine Marketing. We are focused on making marketing work for sales; to help each individual sales person meet or exceed their quotas. One of the ways we do that is by being in constant communication with sales folks. Our most recent conversations happened at the beginning of June with a group of innovative sales leaders across Rhode Island. We invited everyone to a local brew pub,…

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Minding The Gap Matters When It Comes To Driving Revenue

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When it comes to marketing and sales, two things have always been clear. Marketing owns making someone aware of your company and sparking their interest. Sales owns closing the deal. But who owns what happens between sparking some interest and closing the deal has always been a big black hole. Recently, I read an article by Marketo that showed how the sales funnel needs to be restructured and renamed the Revenue Cycle. The key takeaway…

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Creative Ad Trumps Technology

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Good news!  Creativity is not dead in this brave new world of technology and automations. If you listen to automation proponents talk about data collection and things like smart targeting, you might get the impression that the creative side of marketing was going the way of the woolly mammoth.  When you’ve got technology that can deliver a micro-targeted message to an audience down to their preferred social networks and favorite books, is there actually a need for “creative types”?…

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Marketing Lessons from an 18 Year Old’s Birthday

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Do you remember what it was like to turn 18? Even though it was a few years back for me [ok – maybe more than a few years], I do remember that feeling of “now I am an adult” – whatever that really meant…I remember feeling like it was a very big deal as I got ready to leave my parents’ home and head off to college. Fast forward twenty years and then my kids…

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From Traditional to LeadGen – Let The Journey Begin

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One of my favorite things to do is come alongside our clients to help marketing and sales join forces to become a unified RevGen team. I actually hope one day we will no longer have marketing teams and sales teams, but one unified team committed to work together to drive revenue, called the RevGen team. However, until that time comes, there is a journey that all companies are on whether they know it or not. It is the…

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The Rev-Gen Journey Starts with a Strong Foundation

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When we talk about the Rev Gen (Revenue Generation) Journey – the first phase is traditional marketing where the majority of marketers are today. According to the 2013 book, The Rise of the Revenue Marketer, companies in the first phase of this journey are focused on the 4Ps. For decades, and even today, in most colleges and universities when we first learn about marketing we learn the 4Ps…product, place, price and promotion. For B2C companies that…

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Direct Mail (Done Right) Can Be Amazing

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That’s right, I said amazing. But not everyone would agree with me. In fact, there are several schools of thought out there that think direct mail is dead, old fashioned or that they’ve been there, done that—with little success. We proudly [and quite defiantly] don’t attend or subscribe to any of those schools and instead would like to tell you that it isn’t dead. In fact, when you combine a targeted, direct mail outbound strategy…

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The Secret Ingredient of Outbound Marketing

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Outbound marketing is constantly evolving.  But regardless of the ever-changing times, there is one secret ingredient critical to the success of outbound marketing that has stayed the same: CREATIVITY. Successful outbound marketing used creative thinking to overcome every hurdle it faces – we’ve seen it time and time again. Of course, creativity is easier said, than done. Deliver Magazine recently showcased several great examples of outbound marketing that utilized a wide variety of creative solutions…

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