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What sales wished marketing knew

What Sales Wished Marketing Knew

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They say that sales is a sprint and marketing is a marathon. Great analogy. Sales is focused on short-term results. Marketing is focused on long-term value. Granted, we run different races. But we’re both specialties in the same sport. So why doesn’t it feel like we’re on the same team? I want marketing to know that we wear the same shoes. I’ve been in corporate sales for many years. And I work with the sales…

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Fanatical Prospecting Transforms Sales People Into Sales Superstars

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Type “sales book” into the Amazon search window and you’ll get nearly 2,300,000 results. But every once in a while, a book comes along that rocks the sales world. That’s the case with Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount. It’s a practical guide on how to do the most important – and the most difficult – thing in sales: prospecting. Recently, April Williams, President of North Star Marketing, Inc. (NSM), sat down with Ted Williams, NSM’s…

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3 Lead Generation Mistakes

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Quality lead generation is a key benefit to inbound marketing. In order to get the most out of your inbound efforts and ensure your process results in marketing handing off quality leads to sales, there are a few lead gen mistakes to avoid. Don’t leave sales and customers out of the process. Finding quality leads doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When establishing the criteria that distinguishes leads for your inbound and automation processes, look to…

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Direct Mail (Done Right) Can Be Amazing

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That’s right, I said amazing. But not everyone would agree with me. In fact, there are several schools of thought out there that think direct mail is dead, old fashioned or that they’ve been there, done that—with little success. We proudly [and quite defiantly] don’t attend or subscribe to any of those schools and instead would like to tell you that it isn’t dead. In fact, when you combine a targeted, direct mail outbound strategy…

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