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Demand Generation: Don’t Be a Drip

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66% of buyers indicate that “consistent and relevant communication provided by both sales and marketing organizations” is a key influence in choosing a solution provider, according to a study. What are the key words here? Consistent and relevant. Drip marketing nails consistency, but often fails at relevancy. Michael Ward of Net-Results uses a great analogy to explain the difference between automated drip campaigns and real lead nurturing in his article, “Lead Nurturing vs Drip…

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inbound marketing one trick pony

Inbound Marketing: Riding a Prancing One-Trick Pony

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Inbound!  Inbound!  Inbound!!  For awhile there, it was all anyone was talking about. Far too many online marketing companies were making it sound like inbound was all any company needed, the proverbial “magic bullet” of marketing solutions. Now, it’s easy to see the appeal.  Inbound can be less expensive and fairly easy to implement. Combined with some decently researched SEO, and an inbound focus can help companies -especially smaller firms- gain some leads and overall visibility. But… that’s about it.   In…

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Why Sales Folks Need to Love CRM

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As salespeople, we know that your #1 priority is to close more deals. Save the analytics, forecasting, cost-per-lead calculation, and reporting for marketing; your job is based on your ability to increase revenue for your company. Putting aside natural salesmanship or tenacity, one important leg of the sales stool is visibility. That means visibility into the pipeline, visibility of key contact information, visibility of behavior and of the support materials you need to sell. Technology…

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