To Make Your Vision a Reality, Build a Culture of Accountability

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To transform a vision into reality, you need to have the confidence that things are getting done. To gain this confidence, a culture of accountability is critical. Building a culture of accountability isn’t easy. Today, accountability has become one of the biggest challenges that business leaders face. But without it, driving success will be a challenge. According to Greg Bustin, author of Accountability: The Key to Driving a High Performance Culture, “Lack of accountability is the single…

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Creative Ad Trumps Technology

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Good news!  Creativity is not dead in this brave new world of technology and automations. If you listen to automation proponents talk about data collection and things like smart targeting, you might get the impression that the creative side of marketing was going the way of the woolly mammoth.  When you’ve got technology that can deliver a micro-targeted message to an audience down to their preferred social networks and favorite books, is there actually a need for “creative types”?…

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5 Trends Shifting Marketing Power Back to Brand

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Personally, I’m getting a little tired of all these defeatist articles saying that consumers now have “all the power” in relationships, and brands now have to bow to the will of the buyers. Poppycock. If anything, brands today now have more leverage through more channels than ever before. It’s true that marketing is certainly changing, and old ways of outreach are largely falling by the wayside. I’d even say a bit of a power-rebalancing may have been…

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Your Brand Needs to Be a Key Differentiator

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One of the things marketing and sales can agree on, is the need to differentiate themselves in an ever crowded marketplace. What they may be less likely to agree on, is just how to do that. I believe you have to go back to the beginning and the beginning of differentiation, has to be your brand.  Many sales folks don’t have a clear understanding of how important their company’s brand is to their success- and…

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The Overarching Rule of Exceptional Companies, Know Your Customer

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While many factors can lead to sluggish sales, probably the most critical mistake we see is that a lot of marketers lose sight of who their customers are. We recently worked with a client to help them understand why sales were stagnant. They were doing the same things they always did and what they were doing stopped working. We did some digging and found some issues that created the problem: Sales weren’t using the support…

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Where Is Your Business On The ‘S’ Curve?

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The ’S’ curve that our businesses face today is not the same ‘S’ curve of 20 years ago. The business world moves so fast that it greatly impacts the lifecycle of our business, often shrinking the lifespan of our products and offerings significantly. On the front half of the ‘S’ curve from new idea through midpoint of maturity is where the greatest profit and growth happen. On the back side of the ‘S’ curve we are usually met with…

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