To Make Your Vision a Reality, Build a Culture of Accountability

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To transform a vision into reality, you need to have the confidence that things are getting done. To gain this confidence, a culture of accountability is critical. Building a culture of accountability isn’t easy. Today, accountability has become one of the biggest challenges that business leaders face. But without it, driving success will be a challenge. According to Greg Bustin, author of Accountability: The Key to Driving a High Performance Culture, “Lack of accountability is the single…

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3-Pronged Approach to Build Your Pipeline

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Today’s marketing allows you to build your pipeline in ways we never could have five years ago.  There have been people over the years who have promoted a singular tactic to drive sales but where we are settling in is exactly where we should be – looking at integrated tactics that marketing and sales can tackle together.  It is called Account Based Marketing [ABM] and, if done right, it is a game-changer for companies.  It…

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Five Great Lessons Sales and Marketing Can Learn From Each Other

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The conversation isn’t new but the struggle still exists, marketing and sales are still not aligned.  Who doesn’t want shorter sales cycles, lower market-entry costs, and a reduction in cost of sales?  One of the many reasons I like working at North Star is because we are an agency that truly believes Sales and Marketing Departments working together is Smart, Creative and the results are real!  I have had the great privilege of working with…

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Demand Generation: Don’t Be a Drip

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66% of buyers indicate that “consistent and relevant communication provided by both sales and marketing organizations” is a key influence in choosing a solution provider, according to a study. What are the key words here? Consistent and relevant. Drip marketing nails consistency, but often fails at relevancy. Michael Ward of Net-Results uses a great analogy to explain the difference between automated drip campaigns and real lead nurturing in his article, “Lead Nurturing vs Drip…

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Creative Ad Trumps Technology

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Good news!  Creativity is not dead in this brave new world of technology and automations. If you listen to automation proponents talk about data collection and things like smart targeting, you might get the impression that the creative side of marketing was going the way of the woolly mammoth.  When you’ve got technology that can deliver a micro-targeted message to an audience down to their preferred social networks and favorite books, is there actually a need for “creative types”?…

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Inbound Marketing: Riding a Prancing One-Trick Pony

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Inbound!  Inbound!  Inbound!!  For awhile there, it was all anyone was talking about. Far too many online marketing companies were making it sound like inbound was all any company needed, the proverbial “magic bullet” of marketing solutions. Now, it’s easy to see the appeal.  Inbound can be less expensive and fairly easy to implement. Combined with some decently researched SEO, and an inbound focus can help companies -especially smaller firms- gain some leads and overall visibility. But… that’s about it.   In…

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The Value of Social Listening

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Your customers are shouting their opinions on social media for everyone to hear. Are you listening? As mentioned in our post on trends shifting marketing power back to the brands, social listening can be an incredibly powerful tool for gaining audience insights, as well as measuring the impact of your content marketing. The best systems deploy heuristic processing to sort through comments, but more basic keyword-based tools such as SocialMention and HootSuite allow highly affordable…

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Marketing Automation: Feed The Beast

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So, you’ve invested in a pricey marketing automation system, and you’re now wondering “What next?” Well, what’s next is to feed it! Gluttony is often considered a sin, but nothing could be further from the truth when talking about marketing automation. The more data it can get, the better. Personally, I think this is where many automation projects fail. Those implementing them may believe that automation means “fire and forget” whereas, realistically, automation starts off…

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5 Trends Shifting Marketing Power Back to Brand

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Personally, I’m getting a little tired of all these defeatist articles saying that consumers now have “all the power” in relationships, and brands now have to bow to the will of the buyers. Poppycock. If anything, brands today now have more leverage through more channels than ever before. It’s true that marketing is certainly changing, and old ways of outreach are largely falling by the wayside. I’d even say a bit of a power-rebalancing may have been…

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5 Signs Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

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Email marketing can be a really cost effective way to boost awareness of your brand and increase your customer base. However, doing so successfully requires a lot of time and resources. It’s one of the reasons why the most successful businesses make use of marketing automation. Not sure if you need marketing automation? The following are five clear signs that marketing automation could benefit your business: You’re running out of time – If you find…

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Why Sales Folks Need to Love CRM

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As salespeople, we know that your #1 priority is to close more deals. Save the analytics, forecasting, cost-per-lead calculation, and reporting for marketing; your job is based on your ability to increase revenue for your company. Putting aside natural salesmanship or tenacity, one important leg of the sales stool is visibility. That means visibility into the pipeline, visibility of key contact information, visibility of behavior and of the support materials you need to sell. Technology…

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How Technology is Changing the Role of the CMO

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The traditional role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is no more. Long gone are the days of just brand and awareness as the digital age has brought consumer demand and engagement right to our doorstep and CMO’s are now charged with figuring out how to manage the entire customer experience. Because marketing is also responsible for proving return on investment for activities, the need for data and measurement has never been greater. The number…

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We All Need More Dish Drain Moments In Our Lives

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The great thing about perspective shifts is that they can happen to anyone. It’s that moment when you think, “WHOA I never thought of it that way,” and all of sudden you have a cosmic shift in how you view something or someone. The other great thing about perspective shifts is they happen fast and can have massive impact. I want to talk about the power of perspective shifts and how they can impact our work…

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Technology and Revenue Generation Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

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Technology is the foundation of revenue generation marketing. Without it, the principles of revenue generation marketing simply don’t work. The abridged definition of rev gen marketing is when technology is seamlessly integrated to the point where marketing is able to provide measureable, repeatable and sustainable contributions toward closing deals. In other words, marketers in this stage know the return they will get for every dollar spent. Companies at this stage are the cream of the…

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Redefining How Marketing Supports Sales – One Sales Rep at a Time

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From the very beginning of my days at North Star Marketing, one thing that made me successful then and still today is my respect and love for sales people.  As a marketer, that is unfortunately unique.  It is with that spirit that we have developed marketing with an eye towards today’s marketing and sales landscape. Today’s marketing and sales landscape Sales people struggle with the limited amount of hours in a day and all they…

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