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What sales wished marketing knew

What Sales Wished Marketing Knew

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They say that sales is a sprint and marketing is a marathon. Great analogy. Sales is focused on short-term results. Marketing is focused on long-term value. Granted, we run different races. But we’re both specialties in the same sport. So why doesn’t it feel like we’re on the same team? I want marketing to know that we wear the same shoes. I’ve been in corporate sales for many years. And I work with the sales…

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Top Sales Trends for 2017

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I recently read an article by SMM that highlighted what they saw as 2017’s Top 4 Sales Trends. Their focus was on the directive at many companies to “sell more and sell it faster.” I agree there probably is not a sales person who hasn’t been told that in one way or another. The article goes on to say there are four key trends that innovative companies are leveraging today to drive sales. 1. The…

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north star marketing lessons from a breewery

Lessons From a Brewery

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At North Star, we have one vision – to Redefine Marketing. We are focused on making marketing work for sales; to help each individual sales person meet or exceed their quotas. One of the ways we do that is by being in constant communication with sales folks. Our most recent conversations happened at the beginning of June with a group of innovative sales leaders across Rhode Island. We invited everyone to a local brew pub,…

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