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April Williams

The Insane Relationship Between Marketing and Sales

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Over the past several years I have written about the need for marketing and sales to be on the same team – as I am a believer it is a key attribute of a company’s success. There are some who believe this is a problem that has been put to rest. Unfortunately, that is not often what we experience when we work…

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Fanatical Prospecting Transforms Sales People Into Sales Superstars

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Type “sales book” into the Amazon search window and you’ll get nearly 2,300,000 results. But every once in a while, a book comes along that rocks the sales world. That’s the case with Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount. It’s a practical guide on how to do the most important – and the most difficult – thing in sales: prospecting. Recently, April Williams, President of North Star Marketing, Inc. (NSM), sat down with Ted Williams, NSM’s…

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Minding The Gap Matters When It Comes To Driving Revenue

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When it comes to marketing and sales, two things have always been clear. Marketing owns making someone aware of your company and sparking their interest. Sales owns closing the deal. But who owns what happens between sparking some interest and closing the deal has always been a big black hole. Recently, I read an article by Marketo that showed how the sales funnel needs to be restructured and renamed the Revenue Cycle. The key takeaway…

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Driving Sales Revenue Takes Team Players

Driving More Revenue Takes Marketing and Sales Being Team Players

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This may seem like a no brainer to you but in most companies today – marketing and sales are far from being team players. Several years ago, we began to see a painful trend for marketing and it concerned us to see how disempowered and unsuccessful many of the CMOs we spoke with felt. We spoke with 150 heads of marketing and uncovered what was at the heart of CMO’s high turnover and lack of…

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Five Great Lessons Sales and Marketing Can Learn From Each Other

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The conversation isn’t new but the struggle still exists, sales and marketing are still not aligned.  Who doesn’t want shorter sales cycles, lower market-entry costs, and a reduction in cost of sales?  One of the many reasons I like working at North Star is because we are an agency that truly believes Sales and Marketing Departments working together is Smart, Creative and the results are real!  I have had the great privilege of working with some…

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To Make Your Vision a Reality, Build a Culture of Accountability

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To transform a vision into reality, you need to have the confidence that things are getting done. To gain this confidence, a culture of accountability is critical. Building a culture of accountability isn’t easy. Today, accountability has become one of the biggest challenges that business leaders face. But without it, driving success will be a challenge. According to Greg Bustin, author of Accountability: The Key to Driving a High Performance Culture, “Lack of accountability is the single…

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3-Pronged Approach to Build Your Pipeline

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Today’s marketing allows you to build your pipeline in ways we never could have five years ago.  There have been people over the years who have promoted a singular tactic to drive sales but where we are settling in is exactly where we should be – looking at integrated tactics that marketing and sales can tackle together.  It is called Account Based Marketing [ABM] and, if done right, it is a game-changer for companies.  It…

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Demand Generation: Don’t Be a Drip

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66% of buyers indicate that “consistent and relevant communication provided by both sales and marketing organizations” is a key influence in choosing a solution provider, according to a study. What are the key words here? Consistent and relevant. Drip marketing nails consistency, but often fails at relevancy. Michael Ward of Net-Results uses a great analogy to explain the difference between automated drip campaigns and real lead nurturing in his article, “Lead Nurturing vs Drip…

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Creative Ad Trumps Technology

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Good news!  Creativity is not dead in this brave new world of technology and automations. If you listen to automation proponents talk about data collection and things like smart targeting, you might get the impression that the creative side of marketing was going the way of the woolly mammoth.  When you’ve got technology that can deliver a micro-targeted message to an audience down to their preferred social networks and favorite books, is there actually a need for “creative types”?…

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inbound marketing one trick pony

Inbound Marketing: Riding a Prancing One-Trick Pony

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Inbound!  Inbound!  Inbound!!  For awhile there, it was all anyone was talking about. Far too many online marketing companies were making it sound like inbound was all any company needed, the proverbial “magic bullet” of marketing solutions. Now, it’s easy to see the appeal.  Inbound can be less expensive and fairly easy to implement. Combined with some decently researched SEO, and an inbound focus can help companies -especially smaller firms- gain some leads and overall visibility. But… that’s about it.   In…

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